Failure & Redemption on the ARE 5.0

by: STEVEN MATTERN, M.ARCH, CDT, ASSOCIATE AIA, Studio Southwest Architects "Preliminary feedback suggests that you will likely fail this division." These are devastating words after committing precious time and money to sit for an ARE 5.0 exam. Yet with exam pass rates around 50% these are words many of us on the path to architectural... Continue Reading →


One Down, Five to Go

by: STEVEN MATTERN, ASSOCIATE AIA, CDT, Studio Southwest Architects After having completed my first ARE 5.0 exam, I'm relieved to have passed and ready to approach the remaining tests with new hope and insight. For those of you who'll soon be beginning the exams yourselves, here are some thoughts and considerations to help prepare and... Continue Reading →

Grassroots 2018 Takeaway

by: JOHN FLOREZ, ASSOCIATE AIA I never realized the craving I had for leadership and service. All through school I tended to stray away from any “extra” effort to socialize or attend events that placed me in a room filled with unknown faces. I attribute this early mindset to being an introvert at the core.... Continue Reading →

Diving into the ARE 5.0

by: ARIK LUBKIN, ASSOCIATE AIA This past February I plunged head first into the ARE 5, taking (and passing!) all six exams over the course of four weeks. It was a grueling gauntlet that seems like a dream now. I still check my NCARB report every other week to make sure that it really happened.... Continue Reading →

SPEAK UP! 2017 – Denver, Colorado

by: RUBEN CONTRERAS II, ASSOCIATE AIA Having never experienced an AIA conference before, and having little to no prior knowledge of the Architect’s role in advocacy, I was both overwhelmed by the amount of information crammed into two days and pleasantly surprised by how interactive and personable the whole experience was. I was most definitely one... Continue Reading →

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